Posada Lamar was built with both organic and recycled materials ... Most of the wood that built our hotel was provided to us by Mother Nature. Posada Lamar has a unique construction style that has defined it for over 20 years and has influenced the design in many of the hotels and restaurants in coastal Tulum.

Each cottage has unrivaled authenticity, with organic curving walls of wood inlaid with organic and recycled materials of drift wood, glass and stones; the mixture of colors and textures merges organically in each exclusively planned Posada. Like a gemstone, you’ll find each room unique and beautiful.

Ecological Awareness

At our hotels, we emphasize the importance of being environmentally conscious by doing as much as we can to support renewable and sustainable energy. We maintain energy-efficient practices by generating a majority of our electricity through solar panels and by composting all un-eaten food, coffee, and paper items. We also use a sustainable water system that converts sewage waste water into usable water for the plants in the surrounding gardens, as well as, recycling all glass, plastic, and aluminum products. These methods reduce emissions and wasted water to help keep our properties, and Tulum, clean and renewable.